What Happened To My Body After 7 Days Of Tea Cleansing?

If you want to change your life and general health for the better, a woman recommends doing this by cleansing the body with tea.
Her story of experience on her own skin looks like this:

Shortly after I was born, my mother developed diabetes. The situation expanded throughout the family and I watched the dear ones struggling to regain control over their health.

I inquired about alternative ways and remedies, and through all this research, one word went into every recommendation – tea.

Tea became a habit in our home. Now that I grew up, I decided to try to get rid of the toxins and excess pounds with him, but also to relax and regain control of my life.

I was focusing on green tea, believing in his supermodels.
Of course, I also brought delicious meals, not just tea. In the morning I started with a cup of pure tea without any supplements; for lunch, I made delicious dishes from vegetables, fruits and tea, and for dinner I prepared a meal rich in proteins of plant origin, healthy fats and fiber that create a feeling of satiety.

During the day, I drank a minimum of 4 cups of delicious tea.

One of those cups was obligatory before bedtime. Research shows that tea regulates hormones and brings peace.

It was important that morning tea be 30 minutes before the meal for the best possible absorption.

I put the tea literally in everything – I made a mess with him, I mixed the oatmeal with a cup of tea, I put chia seeds in it …
What did I notice in the first week of the challenge?
– I lost a few pounds sharply and I felt much easier after only 48 hours. After 72 hours, I noticed that my stomach is very flat, not swollen.

– I burned fat faster, my training was more effective, and my muscles were resting much faster.

– Metabolism accelerated, thanks to green tea.

– The desire for unhealthy foods has decreased. I no longer felt hunger and “assault” for the benefit.

– I realized that I saved a lot of money.

– I forgot what the word stress means.

– I enjoyed the company more and I did not have to isolate myself into solitude so that I could gather energy.

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