5 Rules That Will Help You Lose Weight In 10 Days, Just By Drinking Water

How to lose a few pounds in 10 days? Drink water! Yes, it’s so simple.
Often, the desire for water is mixed with the desire for food, so there is unnecessary obesity.

If we do not drink enough water, weighing and purifying the body is impossible. Well, if you have a summer mission to reduce a few pounds, just follow these 5 rules.

250ml of water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up
250-500ml water 1 hour before breakfast
100-200ml of water after each cup of tea or coffee
250-500ml water 20 minutes before meals
300-600ml water 2 hours before bedtime
It’s worth a try, with the water you will never make mistakes or have side effects like in some diets.

You will see the first results after 10 days.

The diet should of course be healthy, but without a particular starvation and without skipping meals.

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