Japanese Diet : 6 Reasons Why Japanese Women Stay Slim

Omega-rich fish, light carbs, plenty of green vegetables and herbal tea are part of the Japanese diet that has been for a long time regarded as one of the healthiest. No wonder Japanese women are known for their slim figures, shiny hair and glowing skin. So why aren’t more of us adopting this way of eating?

That’s why we will discover you some of the most valuable Japanese secrets of how to stay slim and get the best of your body. Follow these important steps and you won’t regret it!

Eating with chopsticks

‘Slowing the rate at which you eat allows your brain to notice when you feel full’, Makiko says. ‘Japanese people find it easier to notice when we are full because we use chopsticks, which are a more time-consuming way to eat.’

Because of the way in which it is presented, with three or four dishes, Japanese meals give the impression of being bigger than they are.

Sushi translates as ‘vinegared rice”. Vinegar and other acetic acid-based pickles, ubiquitous in Japanese food, have a distinct effect on how we digest fat when eaten as part of a meal.

Japanese researchers recently found that acetic acid may aid in fat burning.

We often eat a selection of dishes in the morning: miso soup, rice, omelette and grilled salmon.

Japanese people tend not to snack after 4pm, and eat an early supper that focuses on fish and vegetables. We also don’t tend to eat desserts at home.

Japanese people drink green tea throughout the day and it’s readily available from street vending machines which preheat it in cans’.

It contains virtually no calories.

Japanese people do eat some meat. But not much compared to the western diet.

Also, dairy wasn’t eaten in a traditional Japanese diet, and still isn’t a big part of it. These two food stuffs are high in fat and responsible for much of the western daily calorie intake.


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