Drink One Of These 3 Summer Drinks And Reduce Cellulite In 10 Days

There is almost no woman who does not want to get rid of cellulite. In the summer, the fight against this phenomenon is even stronger, so women are able to try everything they think would help them.
The best way to get rid of unwanted cellulite is by exercising and having a healthy diet. A good choice is natural juice that you can easily do at home.

We suggest 3 recipes for beverages that effectively destroy cellulite in less than two weeks:

Blueberry drink
Blueberries are a source of many vitamins that improve the appearance of the skin, cleanses the toxins and strengthens the hair. This beverage has proven to affect the removal of cellulite.


Mix half a cup of blueberry with 400 ml. warm water and allow to stand all night long. Drink the drink the next day instead of water. For best results, drink this drink for 15 days.

A raspberry and mint drink
Raspberries and mint, in addition to refining and refreshing the organism, are rich in antioxidants and improve metabolic processes in the body. The raspberry drink and mint should be consumed for 10 days, and the daily amount is 500 ml.


Pour 100 grams of raspberries and 4 petals mint with 500 ml. lukewarm water. Let stand for 4 hours, then enjoy this healthy and tasty brew. You can add some honey.
Plum beverage and lemon
The plums are rich in vitamins A, B and E, so they effectively fight against the occurrence of cellulite. The plum beverage is very tasty and easy to prepare at home.


Pour 15 plums with 400 ml. warm water and allow to stand for 4 hours. Then add some lemon juice and honey. Drink the drink 30 minutes before eating and after a dozen days you will notice a big difference.

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