True Story: What Is Really Happening To Your Body If You Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Morning?

Holly discovers that drinking 300 milliliters of hot water with one squeezed lemon has brought incredible health benefits to her.

“I am a person who follows the latest health trends. It was written a lot about the health benefits of drinking hot water with lemon, so I decided for a month the first thing I would do in the morning to be drinking hot water with lemon to purify my body.

I was drinking about 300 milliliters of hot water in which I washes one lemon. And I fell in love with this habit.

Goodbye to bloating
I no longer felt bloated because hot water with lemon woke the digestive system.

My belly calmed me like mint tea or chamomile. I could already freely consume products that previously caused bloating.

Lemon is a laxative and diuretic in combination with warm water and helps reduce salt and water retention in the body.

Beautiful skin
Skin care products are expensive and a great cheap substitute for them is hot water with lemon.

During this experiment, my skin became brighter and cleaner. It was not a drastic difference, but still I had a significant reduction in redness and the skin’s skin throughout the day.

This drink has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin because it contains many antioxidants. It prevents the appearance of acne and makes the skin more beautiful.

More energy
I am a coffee addict and even on the 10th day of the experiment I managed to throw out coffee from my morning routine.

I started drinking coffee even late at noon because hot water with lemon not only purified my body, it also gave me energy.

My body was hydrated and full of energy, I felt that I had excellent concentration and clearness of thoughts.

Helped me to establish a routine
I gave the task every morning at the same time to drink hot water with lemon and this set up some kind of routine. I knew when I was doing it when I was showering, when I started off working. I was no longer in chaos and I was not late.

Due to the obligation to squeeze the lemon and rinse water, I got up earlier, and with it I had much more relaxed morning than before. I no longer ran around like crazy.

It relieves my symptoms of colds
At half my experiment I caught a cold. Well, on bad days I took double and triple doses of lemon water because it helped me to understand my head. I realized that I actually found a great drug for colds.

The warm liquid accelerated my secretion and refreshed my body.

Lemons contain vitamin C and have antiviral and antibacterial properties that are incredibly helpful when combating colds.

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