8 tips about what men desire in bed

There are a lot of secrets that couples hide in their bedrooms, and no one dares to reveal them, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, there are unspoken secrets and desires, and that is not that great. When we end up in a relationship, it is natural to discuss your wishes and desired especially when it comes to your intimate life but not all the people are able to spill out the beans no matter what, especially men.

That is when it is time to take control over the situation, and we are going to help you succeed. The thing is that there are at least eight things that men desire in bed but are afraid to talk about, here they come:

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

#1 Your likes

It is sometimes difficult to figure out what a woman likes and what she doesn’t. That is why if you tell him directly about your wishes and desires – he will appreciate it greatly.

#2 The pose

Men like different poses since one pose bores them, so keep it in mind.

#3 The participation

Of course, he may be the leader in the process, but you have to take part in it as well. The more active you are, the better the process will turn out to be for both of you.

#4 Visualization

He feels with his eyes too that is why experimenting with your bedroom looks is never a bad idea.

#5 Spontaneity

Routine is fine at times, but there are also periods when you like spontaneity, so does he that is why surprising him with something out of the routine will only spice the things up between the two of you.

#6 He is not always on

The thing is that there are times when he is not really into it and you either take the situation under control or just substitute it for something else.

#7 Submission

He wants you to dominate at times, use it to your advantage.

#8 The fantasy

Of course, your fantasies may be different or may be alike, but you will never know unless you discuss it.

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